We offer private 1 on 1 personalized video coaching for Ice Hockey using unique and innovative training methods in order to draw the best out of each of our players. These methods focus on the mental part of the game. Teaching intellectual hockey, and cognitive thinking is our goal, with the results coming in the form of a deeper understanding of the game and increased creativity. We also want to arm our players with the ability to analyze their own game from an intellectual point of view. Training may include but is not limited to visualization exercises, imagination re-development, and playing specific styles of video games (we're not kidding)!


We connect high level coaches and players for 1 on 1 video training in 30 minute segments.  The player will be able to view a coaches schedule and select a time that works best for them. Each player will get four 30 minute training sessions a month. It is all customized to fit the players busy schedule! For pricing and partnering with your team please email info@thepuckuniversity.com.


We use Iceberg Analytics to take video coaching to a new level. "ICEBERG is an IT company providing enhanced sporting analytics and data collection through modern computer vision algorithms. This data is used to make better management decisions, uncover players' strengths and weaknesses, improve the training process, and adjust strategy for game preparation." Check out Iceberg Analytics on LinkedIn