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Puck University Level Guide:

Step One: Determine your level 

Step Two: Register for your level below

Step Three: Book your sessions here

  • Level 1 – Basic Terminology and Rules (blueline, faceoff, icing, etc)

  • Level 2 – Advanced Terminology and Positioning (“half-wall”, the “house”, and where to be)

  • Level 3 – Beginning Team Concepts and Systems Knowledge, Situational Awareness (breakout, regroup, 3-on-2 and face-offs)

  • Level 4 – Advanced Team Concepts and Systems Knowledge, Pre-emptive Situational Awareness (Power play, Penalty Kill, 1-2-2 Forecheck, etc)

  • Level 5 – Decision making and Psychology within Systems (What to think about on a 2-on-1, what other players are thinking and how to beat a box penalty kill)


Still having trouble determining your level?

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